Goodbye, but not farewell

Since its inception in 2013 we've been a hub for creativity, excitement and community for us the artists, and for you the beloved CREW.

We’ve sent you over 80 releases, 45 edits and invited you to dance the night away at 87 events from Sydney to the Sahara. From thrilling live acts like No Regular Play, Nick Monaco and Life On Planets and Fitness & Pony to special guest performances from Tony Allen, Nightmares on Wax and Black Motion, Crew Love has been a true journey of LOVE for us all so far.

With this in mind, we transition from your regularly scheduled programming into another incarnation continuing live on the Soul Clap Records bandcamp.

But relax our dear friends, who knows what the future holds? For now, we continue to create music, and can’t wait to commune with you virtually for now and in a crew love countryside planned for this very summer in peace, love, unity and respect.

Love everything that was
Look forward to a bright funky future
Goodbye, but not farewell