EVENTS   Cafe Del Mar – PillowTalk

09.13.15 2:00 pm Cafe Del Mar

Sydney, Australia


The epitome of summer is being waters edge on a sun-kissed Sunday afternoon. Now picture yourself closing out the weekend, high above Sydney Harbour gallivanting from daybed to dance floor. The sun sets on a stunning view, yet this is only a backdrop as you’re immersed in a setting of soul-charged vibrations, spawned by a Balearic soundscape.

Kicking off the summer is the invitation only launch event on Sunday the 13th of September. The event features a live performance from San Francisco house heavyweights PillowTalk. The trio from the acclaimed Crew Love stable out of the USA have taken stage in RA's top 20 Live Acts alongside the world's best live electronic outfits. They are known for their sultry sounds oozing sunset vibes, delivering it in a three-piece live format.